$3300 US plus hotel rooms and racing license.

The 12th Annual Chihuahua Express!

Race the Wind

Part of the Silver State International Challenge

What? Unlimited open-road racing on paved highways across northern Mexico.

When? April 26-30, 2017. Three days of racing with no limit on your speed.

Where? City and State of Chihuahua, Mexico.

Why? Where else in the world can you race at top speed for three days on public highway and have lunch on the rim of Mexico’s Grand Canyon.
Location? Chihuahua City is only 145 miles west of Presidio, Texas.
Cost? $3300 entry fee until December 31, 2015. Then on January 1, it goes to $3,600 US. Hotel accommodations are additional. Training in stage-rally timing and procedures is provided.
Eligible Cars? Any car from any era is eligible for unlimited competition, if equipped with an acceptable six-point roll cage and standard safety equipment, such as five/six point seat belts, racing seats, window nets, fire system, HANS devices, etc.
Classes. For unlimited competition the eight classes of modern cars are: normally aspirated engines: (1) up to 1.6 liters, (2) above 1.6 to 2.4 liters, (3) above 2.4 to 6.2 liters, (4) above 6.2 liters, (5) Specials, and (6) Unlimited. There will be two turbo classes: (7) stock turbo-charged cars up to 2.4 liter, (8) stock turbo-charged over 2.4 liter. Vintage and Pan Am classes are also offered. Three cars will constitute a class.
Length? The event includes 300 miles of unlimited speed stages in a total of length of about 1,000 miles.
No cage? Cars without roll cages may participate in the Express Rally Tour -- on the same beautiful route followed by the race cars. No passing. Helmets are required. Cars may be rented at the Chihuahua Airport. Entry fee is $1200 US by December 31 --$1400 afterwards.
Car Crew? A driver and navigator are required in all cars, in all classes, and there can be no more than two people in any race car during the event. Drivers should have sufficient training or racing/rally experience before attempting the unlimited stage-rally competition.
Prizes? Daily awards by class for driver and co-driver, and overall trophies at the final awards ceremony are handed out for competitors in the stage rally and the Tour rally. There are no cash prizes.
Format? Competitors follow detailed directions in a route book and line up eight or more times a day to drive “speed stages.” The cars are started in one-minute intervals over highways closed to traffic by the Chihuahua state and city police. The fastest cars go first, but passing is allowed. The length of the closed road or speed stage will normally be five to fifteen miles. Electronic timing is used. Road surfaces in northern Mexico are generally excellent. After each speed stage, the competitors will drive a “transit section” to the next speed stage. The cars must check in at the next speed stage within 59 seconds of their assigned time or be penalized.
The cars with the lowest total elapsed time (E.T.) for the speed stages, plus any time penalties, will be declared the winner by class and overall each day and for the entire event. Tour? Is a time- to- distance rally. Cars follow a specified route and are expected to arrive at the next checkpoint on their “target time.” The three cars that are closest to their target time will be awarded medals each day and at the end of the event at the driver’s meeting.
Border Crossing? Mexican tourist permits for vehicles cost around $49 at the border. Permits may be purchased at some Mexican consulates and at http://www.banjercito.com.mx/. Competitors also need a US passport and Mexican tourist visa.
Emergency Services? Officers of the Chihuahua State Highway Patrol and city police accompany the event and work with 300 local police on clearing the roads and providing security. Rescue and medical crews travel with the race.
Auspices? The Federation of Mexican Auto Sports (FEMADAC), an affiliate of FIA, sanctions this event. All individuals riding in a race car, in all classes, must hold a FEMADAC license for calendar 2016 to participate. The license provides personal medical, death, and dismemberment insurance. Licenses are sold before the race.
Entry Payments? May be made by personal/business check, PayPal/credit card, money order, or wire transfer. Please contact Gerie Bledsoe gbledso@aol.com for details.
Hotel? The HQ hotel is the luxury Sheraton (Soberano)—on a hill over-looking the city.
Warning: Auto racing in any form is dangerous and may lead to property damage, serious injury, or death. Competitors assume all risk, and hold the Organizers and their agents harmless.
For information on the Silver State Classic Challenge Events:
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www.silverstateclassic.com or www.sscc.us
For Chihuahua Express Rules and Information www.chihuahuaexpress.com
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