About the Rally Chihuahua Express

General information

Dates and distances

Total length: 1,670.00 km. Speed stages: 540.00 km.
Transit stages: 1,130.00 km.

Day 0 : Thursday 28 april, 2022
Day 1 : Friday 29 april, 2022
Day 2 : Saturday 30 april, 2022
Day 3 : Sunday 01 may, 2022

Day 0 :
Registration and purchase of Mexican sporting licenses (mandatory for all participants) at the hotel, aswell as medical revison for both participants.
Navigation curses for both paticipants or at least for one, at: 12:30, at a Hotel Soberano meeting room.
Scrutineering is scheduled in the hotel parking lot from 9:30 am to 14:30 h. and 16:00 h. until 18:30 h.
Calification (optional) 10:30 am, for 12 km (Panamericana road).
Simbolic start mandatory, down town at 18:30 hrs.
Mandatory drivers meeting (for at least one diver/co-driver of each competition car) at the hotel at 20:30 hr. The starting order will be given and announcements made. Day 1 :
Starting at 08:30 am the "Chihuahua Express" will begin (competitors will depart in one minute intervals) from Soberano Hotel parking lot (next to the Government Palace, by the Independence column), heading north to the city of "Madera", through woods and glens with five speed stages. Arriving in Madera for 40 minutes service, lunch, and then return to Chihuahua City by the same route and the same speed stages. Arriving into Hotel Soberano parking lot at around 16:30 hr. Drivers' meeting for results and awards (medals) of the day in the Soberano hotel at 21:00 hr. Day 2 :
At 08:00 am we will depart from the Soberano hotel parking lot, heading south-west into the impressive Copper Canyon, to "El Divisadero" station. The route goes through wooded roads (uphill without dangerous ravines), through seven speed stages. Service and lunch of 40 minutes at Divisadero with the splendid Canyon views and then back to Chihuahua city, down the same roads into the Soberano hotel parking lot. Results and awards (medals) for the day at 21:00 h. in the hotel.
Day 3 :
At 08:00 am depart from the Soberano Hotel, parking lot , but this time heading East to Ojinaga City, by the border with Presidio, Texas (we do not cross the border), through the "Peguis" Canyon through five speed stages (with some ravines, clearly marked on the Route book). Service and lunch of 40 minutes at Ojinaga, and then return to Chihuahua City by the same road (up and down hill), into the "Fashion Mall" parking lot, at 15:00 hr.. (A shorter and less twisty road to Ojinaga (and back) is usable for service vehicles.) Results and awards of the day (medals) and final plates will be given away at 18:00 hr. at a place to be announced, at the Soberano hotel.

It is possible, if necessary, to take a plane back home that evening, or take it easy and go back on Monday.





From zero to 1.6 litres
From 1.6 to 2.5 litres
From 2.5 to 4.6 litres


Turbos :
From zero to 1.6 litres
From 1.6 to 2.5 litres
From 2.5 to 4.6 litres

Traction :
a) 4x4
b) 4x2

Besides, a "Special class" -"S"- (Organizing Committee criteria) and the Open or Unlimited class -"U"- .

Mexican classes can participate (rallying, Panamericans, and Classic cars).

There will be a "TOUR" (helmets are mandatory and roll bar is recommended).

Trophys and awards


Medals for the three firsts places of each class, daily.

Double plates (driver and co-driver) for the first ten overall places and double plates for the first three of each class, as well as Pelletier watches for the first overall place.



Each competitor must carry on his car the official competition numbers and publicity stickers given by the Organizing Committee during the whole event, if not, the car and crew will be disqualified.


Among other reasons, these dates were chosen because of the nice weather; not too hot since it is not the rainy season, but there might be ocassional rain. Nights are cool.

Car's transportation

Available only from and to Mexico City to Chihuahua City for $15,000 pesos.
If transfer in closed box is desired the cost it is of $20,000 pesos.


See in PDF format

Additional rooms

Additional rooms can be optionally reserved at an extra cost of $165.00 US including taxes per room, per night.

We cannot guarantee additional rooms availability on this hotel, so we highly recommend you to make them asap.

Pre-runs and practices

Pre-runs are allowed, but not in the racing cars. All traffic signals and speed limits must be respected. Sanctions can lead to not starting a day or disqualification from the whole event.

There are several racetracks within Chihuahua City, if more than 5 vehicles get together, one could be used paying a fee.

Flights to Chihuahua from different cities

Please click on the following link to find the airlines that fly to Chihuahua:

Chihuahua tours

For companions, there are a lot of turistical tours in the area. Please visit:
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Service vehicles

During the event, service vehicles may drive to the service areas, Cd. Madera, Divisadero and Ojinaga, leaving at least one hour before the road closes for competition.

Carrying gas is strictly forbidden and will lead to disqualification, except in "Divisadero," where no gas is available. In this case, ask for a Federal Police patrol escort.

Most of the cars will not need extra gas at Divisadero, unless high consumption.

Organizing committee

President: Arq. Chacho Medina.

Steward: Ing. Rafael Machado.
General director: Carlos Cordero. General coordinator: Ing. Luis Ever Amaya.

Tour director: Gilles Pierre Juanen. Vintage coordinator: Matthias Heyer.

Security director: Cmdte. Miguel Parada.

Médical director: Dra. Ana Belem Garcia Sierra.

Scrutineering: Ing. Alberto Cossio. Scrutineering support: Ing. Omar Torres G..

Controls: Mariana Riva Palacio / Asiel Machado. Electric & hybrid car class: Ing. Mike Miranda.

Organizing club: Asociacion Correcaminos, AC.

Clubs: Asociacion Correcaminos, Jueves Racing and Rally Automóvil Club.

Official authorities

Policía Federal (PF).
Policía Unica del Estado de Chihuahua.
Policías Municipales.
Civil Protection
Sierra Segura

Sport authorities

Federación Mexicana de Automovilismo Deportivo, A. C.
President Lic. Alfonso Oros
Feredación Mexicana de Autos Clásicos y de Colección, A.C.
President: Lic. Luis Silva Silver State Classic Challenge
International Series (
Mrs. Gail Waldman Comisión Nacional de Rallies México, A. C. (CNRM).
President: Lic. Ignacio Rodríguez


Motor sports of any kind and auto racing in particular is by nature dangerous and participation may result in injury or death, so, it is highly recommended that competitors do not exceed their driving limits nor the car's limit.

Each competitor/assistant accepts sole responsibility for their participation in the event and expressly and legally holds harmless the Chihuahua Express Organizing Committee, sponsors, sport and legal authoritites, their representatives and all of the crew for any incident or accident, before, during and after the event, for whatever reason it might be, before any authority or court in the country of Mexico or any other country in the world.


Welcome to Chihuahua! Chihuahua is a city of 680,000 located in the north of Mexico, only 140 miles west of Presidio, Texas. Chihuahua City is the capital of the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The elevation is 4690 feet. It was founded in 1709 as a center for the silver mining industry.

Because it is somewhat isolated from the rest of Mexico, Chihuahua has developed a strong regional identity. But it has also played an important part in the history of the country, serving as the nation’s capital when Mexico was invaded by the French in 1862-1867.

Chihuahua is now a modern city with a traditional colonial “centro” or downtown. The downtown area, centered on the Plaza de Armas, boasts the impressive government buildings, a 115’ marble column (with the Angel of Freedom on top), baroque cathedral, and other chapels and religious edifices. Most sites are within walking distance of the Plaza de Armas:

Igelsia of San Francisco
Casa de Juarez (House of Juarez)
Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
Museo de Revolucion
Temple of Santa Rita
Quinta Gameros
Lerdo Park
Casa de la Artesanias (House of Artesians)

The “El Tarahumara Trolley” is a recommended way to tour the city. It starts in front of the Cathedral and takes one hour to tour the town. You can get off and on four times on one ticket. It runs from 9 am to 6 pm.

Outside of the city:

Nombre de Dios caverns -- 20 minutes north.
Aquiles Serdan or Santa Eulalia -- oldest mining town
Aldama -- the old Santa Ana Mission

Copper Canyon (Barranca del Cobre)-- is actually six massive gorges, spread over 25,000 square miles of rugged terrain. Elevations 7500-9500 feet, but peaks rise to12,000 feet.

There is a famous railroad through the canyon. Trains (first and second class) run through to the coast (Sea of Cortez) city of Mochis, north of Mazatlan. It’s a spectacular trip.

It’s a 406 mile trip that takes 14-16 hrs. You can get off the train and spend the night along the way. El Divisadero, at 7400 feet, is one of these places. Creel is another. Several tour companies offer simple and elaborate tour.


The Organizer will provide a "sweeper" vehicle to assist cars and crews for minor problems and for requesting towing service if needed. Towing will be extra cost. Medical and rescue services are also provided and will be scattered among the competition cars.